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Running Light

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RLAL Series

Full Description

Highlights Light weight
Easy Installation
Variety Length
Ingress Protection Rating IP67
Model RLAL
LED 3W High Power LED 6 / 12 / 18 / 24 / 30 / 36
10-30V DC
Current 8Amps max @DC12V
Flash Pattern 69
Ambient Temperature -30 to 50℃
Colors Red, Blue, Amber, White, Green, Magenta
Synchronize Maximum of 8 Lights
Dimension 15.2”-L38.6cm W2.3cm H0.8cm
26.6”-L67.6cm W2.3cm H0.8cm
38”-L96.5cm W2.3cm H0.8cm
49”-L125.6cm W2.3cm H0.8cm
60”-L154.6cm W2.3cm H0.8cm
72”-L183.6cm W2.3cm H0.8cm
Housing Plastic
Mounting M4 Screw 4pcs
Double side sticker